correctly apply electric wheelchair with the health insurance - Find out more about the application procedure

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correctly apply electric wheelchair with the health insurance - Find out more about the application procedure

Mobility is a piece of personal independence.

Reasons and scope of the health insurance

  • A power wheelchair is only if this is a basic need, because you no longer have to otherwise participating in daily life in the area. It does not serve you better in order to participate in your usual recreational activities.
  • With this particular and very costly tools restricting or disability must be compensated. You can assume that your health insurance will always take the most economically necessary. This is not synonymous with the best tools that are there for you.
  • You must be able to be able to move the wheelchair safely. for if a briefing or training is required, this does not change. The situation is different, however, if you can be due to your restriction produced a hazard to themselves or others. Moments where you might lose control of your body or your mind because of your illness, the possibility to cancel your fitness for driving a motorized wheelchair.
  • Electric wheelchairs RECEIVED on cash, are on loan. Each fund has a reasonable stock of used electrical wheelchairs that are checked if they are not suitable for you. Expect however not mean that you get a whole new wheelchair. Only if none is adapted from the stock on your needs, you get a new copy.

The procedure for applying for an electric wheelchair

  1. Without a prescription from your doctor, the office will not assume any costs. So Clarify first with your doctor whether you need this tool. He is responsible for issuing a possible well reasoned recipe, from the results in the need for a wheelchair with an electric drive.
  2. Do you have the recipe, check with your health insurance company if this works with special medical suppliers. If this is confirmed, please contact them to arrange the order of the wheelchair.
  3. Extras like a higher speed than 6 km / h shall not belong to the ordinary scope. Although you have a right to have the tool that fits your restriction, not medically necessary special requests go but at your expense. Keep this in mind when you make the order.
  4. Has Sanitätshaus submitted your recipe and the estimate, it may happen that the cashier rejects the assumption of costs. Insert a contradiction and leave the process with the medical service check. Convert even during the application with an additional examination by the checkout. This serves to confirm the medical assessment.
  5. It is possible that there are alternatives to your requested aid. If the reason for your request that your assistant is no longer physically able to slide in a wheelchair, there are electric sliding aids or stair climbing aids. Be open to suggestions that may be even better to fit your personal situation as the electric wheelchair.

In most cases, you need a little patience until the process can be completed to your satisfaction.

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