Cost of living for pensioners abroad Comparison

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Cost of living for pensioners abroad Comparison

Active retirement abroad thanks to German pension

An object of the German Pension Insurance Association is to provide all insured their pensions to pay on time. The recipient country does not matter. Your pension you get anywhere, even abroad.

Pension payments to retirees abroad

The pension pays pensions in the meantime more than 150 countries. Like many others you might guess during a relaxing holiday: "Here I could spend the later retirement!" This dream can be realized like many other retirees.

  • According to the German Pension Fund received more than 100,000 German world their German pension paid. In addition, about 240,000 foreign pensioners who retire in their home countries.
  • Among the most popular retirement countries include the USA, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Around 2,000 pensioners will be transferred to South Africa and Australia the pension. In Brazil almost 1,500 German live out their retirement.
  • You might want to emigrate already at retirement age or a few years before. They irritate especially mild climate and sunny beach. Eligible countries there are not a few.
  • But for the country you choose should ultimately? In which countries there is a high standard of living, good health care and a certain security?

Studies on cost of living and more

Orienting you can contact special studies such as the OECD or International Living Annual Global Retirement Index, 2014.

  • The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) publishes for its 30 member countries to compare the purchasing power. This film investigates the data based on officially called wages and consumer prices for the respective countries. Exchange rate fluctuations are taken into account. If you know well already provided for emigrating country, the OECD index is a useful measure of the cost of living of people.
  • The US study International Living Annual Global Retirement determines a ranking of countries to which you can migrate with little pension. The basis for the ranking form data from the countries and from International Living. It takes into account cost of living, health, integration, climate and extras for pensioners.
  • Of the top ten countries are to the study by International Living six in Latin America. Mention may be made here, the two leading countries Panama and Ecuador. With Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, three Asian countries are listed. In Europe, Spain is ahead.
  • If you were creating the pure cost of living as a single measure, the order would have been different. Then you would have to emigrate to Cambodia and Guatemala.

The study is how the entire site of in English. Ranking and numbers can be divided into tables easily track. You can take an online translator to help.

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