Costs of property separation - should you consider in a divorce

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Costs of property separation - should you consider in a divorce

Divorce also raises in the separation of property at the expense.

Divorce costs associated with separation of property

  • Have agreed on the division of property in a marriage contract, as this will affect the costs that may arise in a divorce from. Decisive is always, who has earned by the spouses more money. The more earners cuts in the cost of a divorce from worse than the less earners.
  • You should know that the separation of property causes the actual separation of the estates of both spouses. Specifically, this means that the spouses decide for themselves on their assets and are liable only for their own debt. This is still the same as in the Zugewinngemeinschaft.
  • Who agreed the division of property, should be aware that this may have on the costs incurred in a divorce, impact. So then no assets balance must be made after complete divorce.
  • It may be that you have to pay a pension sharing after divorce. This is only excluded if you have excluded it in the marriage contract. The supply balance is roughly as a gain with respect to the pension. To pay the spouse who earns more, the less earning a pension equalization in the form of a subsidy to the pension.

Find out more about the separation of property

  • You should know that the separation of property comes to the application if it is not expressly agreed in the marriage contract.
  • This is always the case if the spouses reject the statutory marital property contract.
  • The separation of property gained even more effective when the legal property regime is repealed by the Treaty.
  • It comes in addition also always apply if the Zugewinngemeinschaft or the supply balance is excluded by means of a clause in the marriage contract by both parties.
  • You can also assume that the separation of property is relevant in the cost of a divorce, if you have first community of goods and exclude them later using a marriage contract.
  • When calculating the cost of a divorce may also the separation of property be relevant if a judgment annulled the community property in a marriage and it expresses in a judgment.
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