counteract Foldable base - so we go with Yoga

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counteract Foldable base - so we go with Yoga

When the inner crease foot arch is sunken.

To go with yoga against a skew foot before

A Foldable base is mainly characterized by the fact that the inner edge of the foot arch is lowered toward the ground, while the outer edge of the foot is hardly grounded. This deformity may be counteracted with proper footwork doing yoga.

  1. Stand erect in the mountain pose (Tadasana), put your feet hip-width for more control on and rotate it so that the outer edges (!) Of the feet are parallel to each other.
  2. Now lift out the right toe of the foot, stretch it forward and place your toes then long again. Then lift the right heel, extend it backwards and lay them then likewise again.
  3. Probably you may find that your right foot is made in comparison with the left foot effectively longer. Repeat the same sequence now with the left foot, so that both are equally.

Stretching the sole longitudinally doing yoga is the first step to effectively counteract Foldable base and should be done consciously and mindfully. Strive to maintain the length of the sole in the further course of the yoga exercise.

To counteract the deformity counter effectively

Most people are so that a large part of their body weight is supported by the front feet. In a skew foot, this is particularly problematic, which is why you should perform the following exercise steps very conscientious and attentive.

  1. Bring your thighs and your pelvis further back to bring more weight in the heel. If the body of something coming forward, try this at the pubic bone straighten without the thighs come forward again.
  2. Lift and spread now all your toes to activate the muscles of the feet. Widen the whole forefoot by in each foot to Kleinzehballen expand outwardly away from Großzehballen.
  3. Keep the length of the soles and the spread apart the Kleinzehballen in, put the toe itself but long back and crimp then powerfully the outer heel into the ground, to counteract the effects of the kick foot.

Following these instructions is at the beginning, admittedly, not easy. But if you really execute the steps exactly, you can see for yourself how to raise the arch and the most protruding the crease foot anklebone ankle disappears inside.

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