cover skin optimally - cosmetics against Blush

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cover skin optimally - cosmetics against Blush

Which makeup with blush?

The right cosmetics to blush

In this day and age you have to be no longer satisfied with a remedies. There are a number of cosmetics that have been developed specifically for red skin areas.

  • For example there is with masking liquid soaked brush. The whole thing is called neutralizing Adjustment Brush. Red skin can be reliably covered and the cream is easy to apply. This brush has except the covering function, however, no effect.
  • If you want to do something to address the causes of blushing, a day cream is recommended to be used with thermal water. This cools the sensitive skin. Also recommended ingredients are vitamin B3, which alleviates the irritation, as well as vitamin CG, which strengthens the vessel walls. Vitamin CG is a form of vitamin C, which is especially compatible. These varieties are usually creams tinted greenish, making them ideal as a makeup primer.
  • If you are looking for a concealer to your flush, you choose the best for a with a greenish hue. The Green neutralizes the flushed face. Tap the color gently on the bodies and hide them with a brush.
  • When makeup is recommended cosmetics that have a high pigment content (25%).
  • There are also suitable camouflage products for couperose. This is a vascular disease that makes itself by bluish-red veins that shimmer through the skin, noticeable.
  • If you like a brown complexion, try also self! Then the red spots become less.
  • In any case, you do not have to give the red points. Against any ailment is a herb!
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