Cowboy games with children - suggestions

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Cowboy games with children - suggestions

To play cowboys and Indians.

Cowboy games with water pistols

The exciting and fascinating to cowboys and Indians is for the children most of the handling of the gun or the so-called shooting iron, with the Cowboys and Indians were fighting at the time. If you want to now try Cowboy games with a pistol or a rifle, you should of course use this no weapons with which the children can hurt and not using Softairs or similar guns.

  • The best way to carry out the Cowboy games with a water pistol, because the risk of injury is very low and the brute force is pushed into the background.
  • Great idea for those cowboy games for a shot exercises where the kids sprinkle on various targets, such as cans shooting, and on the other so-called team games in which pits two teams against each and hunt with guns and.

Use a lasso for Cowboy games

  • Another way to perform Cowboy games, is the use of lassos or simple ropes, who also Cowboys used earlier.
  • If you do not have a lasso, you can also easily tinker with the children by taking a simple rope or a long string and forms the front end to form a loop and tie.
  • Now the children and go on the hunt for different objects and try funny cowboy games can.
  • For starters, you should only once try standing or resting objects to "catch", so you get a better feel for the lasso.
  • Do you want to make the Cowboy games more exciting, you can also get caught moving subjects and capture with the lasso.
  • Beware, however, that the children do not catch yourself with the lasso, as they can otherwise easily get hurt if you are not careful.
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