CR2025 and CR2032 - the difference explained simply

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CR2025 and CR2032 - the difference explained simply

Batteries are becoming smaller, but not necessarily easier to use.

CR batteries in general

  • CR batteries are initially obtained in the area of ​​button cells.
  • Button cell batteries are all batteries that have a round and flat shape corresponding to that it differs fundamentally from other batteries.
  • Use find button cells in small devices that consume not much electricity. This concerns, for example, watches or laser pointer.
  • These button cells, however, are in turn again subdivided into several areas. Thus, besides CR batteries also PR or BR batteries.
  • The C stands for lithium manganese dioxide and the R for round cell.
  • The individual values ​​behind point would point to slight differences in the construction as in diameter.
  • Especially when purchasing devices that require such batteries, you should be aware of the differences clear or check the information necessary for the unit batteries from the seller.
  • When inserting the button cell, you should, however, make sure that your fingers are not greasy. Because this can lead to a resistor which consumes a portion of the already present in the cell energy and so reduces the efficiency.

The difference between CR2025 and CR2032

  • Between CR2025 and CR2032 there are not many differences, but almost more common.
  • So both types are based first - this is the abbreviation already seen - in lithium manganese dioxide as a chemical basis for the generation of electricity.
  • Also, both have a diameter of 20 millimeters.
  • The first difference is that CR2025 2.5 mm thick, while CR2032 having 3.2 mm thickness. This can be inferred from the figures the reference numbers here already.
  • Furthermore, both types of batteries have a different amount of charge. CR2025 comes here to 160 mAh, while CR2032 comes to 220 mAh. The mAh stands for milliampere hours. This refers to the amount of charge that can be issued within one hour.
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