Create a Bundesliga Schedule in Excel - how it works

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Create a Bundesliga Schedule in Excel - how it works

Bundesliga fixtures, you can create in Excel.

Track The Bundesliga live

Football is the sport which is well followed most often on TV or in the stadium. That is not alone because the round leather is equally interesting for all.

  • The Bundesliga will meet other sports that only in winter or in summer are possible, for example, year-round instead. The two breaks between half series and the season changes are irrelevant.
  • Thus, one can thus follow the Bundesliga regularly and this should not take place just, there are also international matches or games from the second or third Bundesliga, which are equally worth seeing.
  • Although you can look up the Schedule of the Bundesliga on the Internet or the press, many of you want to create your own Schedule in Excel.
  • This can on the one hand have the reason that you love statistics and to document each game result and special occurrences, or that you want to re-enact your own Bundesliga with friends or on a PC with a game.

Create the Schedules in Excel

  1. What is the background however you want to create the Schedule of the Bundesliga in Excel, it is not very complicated in any case. Consider first only if you want the game day all stowed in one and the same table, or whether to create a separate table per match.
  2. In the following example, a separate table is created per match. By opening first of all your Excel.
  3. About the lower task bar you can see tabs that are labeled "Sheet1", "Sheet2" and "Sheet3". Click the right mouse button on a tab and choose the "Rename" option. Choose a name of your choice, eg "Round 1".
  4. The Bundesliga has 34 match days, which means you need 34 tables. Click on the tab to the right of the last tab, another is inserted. Repeat this step until you have 34 tables that you rename as described.
  5. Now return to "Round 1" your Bundesliga game board, by clicking on the appropriate tab. Excel opens again the first table. You now have the option to type up the games from an existing Schedule. But this is too cumbersome.
  6. It is easier by the "Copy" and "Paste". To do so, on the board of and select the appropriate check box "Round 1". Press the Ctrl or Ctrl keys at the bottom left of your keyboard and click with the left mouse button to the right of the first team.
  7. You will see that it will produce a blue box. Now hold further pushed all the buttons and drag the cursor to the bottom right up to the last club, so that all the Fixtures are highlighted in blue.
  8. Release the keys pressed, click the right mouse button in the label and select "Copy." Go to your Excel table, select there the same number of cells as they had marked boxes in Kicker Schedule and select by right-clicking the "Paste" option.

Have you done everything right, they have now transferred "Round 1" in your Excel spreadsheet. Just as you now proceed with all other scheduled days and save the file finally featuring meaningful name to a disk from.

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