Create a screenshot - so succeeds's Windows XP

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Create a screenshot - so succeeds's Windows XP

Taking a screenshot

Create a screenshot or screen shot

  • Sometimes it can be helpful to take a screen shot or screen shot of the screen content of the computer. For example, if an error message such screen attack is very helpful.
  • On computers with Windows operating system already has the necessary "equipment" for this purpose. But there are graphics programs that have this feature.
  • At this point one will be described how to copy, save and print the screen content.
  • This is done very easily and quickly. For an illustrated documentation can be very useful the creation of a screenshot.

To copy the screen and print it

  1. Do you want the screen content that is shown, copy, save or print, first press the Print Screen key on your computer. This is way above the arrow keys. Thus, the screen content is copied to the clipboard so-called.
  2. Next, open the Paint program, which can be found under Start, Programs, and Accessories.
  3. To copy the graphic to the clipboard into the program, select the menu item Edit from the Paste function. The image should now appear in the Paint program. Alternatively, you can also use the key combination Ctrl-V.
  4. Now you have the option to save the image and print. To save the file, select the File menu, select the appropriate function. Of course you can print the file as well. This function can also perform file menu and print the image.
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