Create a training plan for a half marathon over 8 weeks - how it works

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Create a training plan for a half marathon over 8 weeks - how it works

Eight Weeks run a half marathon

Create a training plan for 21.0975 km long route

  • Already trained for short distances up to 10 or 11 km, already have the right sportswear and measured for your feet shoes (sports shop). In addition, you have no health problems that could preclude a longer run. Very poor would, for example, knee or hip problems, circulatory problems or heart problems. You can also run a nice long distance, without having previously taken any stimulants, anabolic steroids or proteins to be. They are simply conditioned naturally. Under no circumstances run with platform shoes or unfunktioneller clothes, because then you are in fact simply walked past the actual sport.
  • Properly operate Sport is also, aside from competitive sports, healthy sports. Competitive sport is not healthy. Athletes who earn their money with sports, have sooner or serious health problems that force a withdrawal from Sortgewerbe. They therefore remain in recreational sports, which does not rule, participate in competitions. Only, everything should remain within the framework, so you do not overwhelm your body and you also long stay healthy to run long distances even in old age can.
  • Many runners encounter after a short time to their limits. The culprit is often more than their poor running technique. It is precisely where most mistakes are made. Before you begin, therefore, to run a half marathon, check and improve your technique while running. Possible errors are: too high or too low pace, too weak impression from walking out, knees are too little raised, the steps are too short, the foot is placed incorrectly during the run or the hip bends down. Other errors are often incorrectly bound shoelaces or shallow breathing.
  • Even when creating a training plan, you should know your exact fitness level and do not lie to yourself. It is here again distinguish between those still an entire year running training run (basic training) and people who cope with a 10 km route fluffy and light under an hour (advanced). This training plan for 8 weeks, you create a basic training.

Plan a half-marathon over 8 weeks

  • First specify how many days you want to invest in the training run a half marathon. If you have been trained for only two days, you should also increase your training schedule at most three to four days a week.
  • Decide now how intense will be your training. Some people call very and others simply want to run loosely through woods and meadows. So Distinguish between light exercise, if you do not want to torment, moderate exercise, if you want to get to know your own limit and hard training, if it is to have a competitive character. For this 8-week training plan category is "easy" is selected.
  • On Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Friday you have in each the 8 weeks of rest.
  • Week 1: On Monday you run 45 minutes in shallow woodland and on Thursday you also run 45 minutes in shallow woodland but Saturday run now 60 minutes in shallow woodland....
  • Week 2: On Monday you now run 45 minutes uphill in rolling terrain, holding down but your pulse.. On Thursday, you also run 45 min. In shallow woodland. On Saturday, however, you run a proud 75 min. In shallow woodland.
  • Week 3: On Monday you walk 1 hr in rolling terrain uphill, thereby keeping your pulse.. On Thursday you run again 60 min. In shallow woodland and on Saturday you jog 90 min. In shallow woodland.
  • Week 4: On Monday you walk 45 minutes back in shallow woodland.. And Thursday you jog 45 min. With constant speed in rolling terrain uphill. Here, the pulse can be disregarded. On Saturday you jog 45 minutes again. In shallow woodland.
  • Week 5: On Monday you run again 60 minutes in shallow woodland and on Thursday you jog 70 min uphill in undulating terrain, while keeping your pulse... Saturdays run then 100 min. In shallow woodland.
  • Week 6: Monday you jog again 60 minutes in shallow woodland and Thursdays goes for 75 min uphill in undulating terrain, while keeping your pulse... And on Saturday you jog again 2 hours in shallow woodland.
  • Week 7: On Mondays, run time 110 min in shallow woodland and Thursdays 45 minutes in shallow woodland but on Saturday jog for 75 minutes in shallow woodland....
  • Week 8: On Monday you jog just 30 minutes in shallow woodland and on Thursday also only 20 minutes in shallow woodland... But on Saturday start your first half marathon 21.1 kilometers. Start off at the beginning of the first 10 min. Only slightly a.
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