Create Binaural Beats on the computer by yourself

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Create Binaural Beats on the computer by yourself

Binaural beats you can easily create yourself.

Create Binaural Beats on the computer by yourself

What are binaural beats?

  • The term "binaural" comes from Latin and means roughly "with two ears". You hear with both ears different frequencies.
  • These frequencies differ in height and re-processed in the brain. So Listen, for example, on the left ear has a frequency of 350 Hz and in the right ear, the frequency 340 Hz. The brain then creates a sound that has the frequency 345 Hz.
  • As these sounds influence on the human brain, the extent to which they allow meditation or lucid dreaming, is still current research subject and can currently to no firm conclusions.

To create binaural sounds on PC

  1. First start your audio program (eg. As the free program Audacity). If you do not yet have Audioeditierer, please install it first and then start it.
  2. Because you want to provide both ears with different sounds, add a two soundtracks. This you can choose the "tracks" and then "Create Tracks". Make sure that you turn a sound track completely on the right and the other completely to the left. This setting can be made on the left side of the track in the program.
  3. Now create a desired sine wave for each track. However, the two tones must be different in the desired frequency. You can use the "tone generator 1" under the "Create". There you enter the respective frequency of your sounds. You should have different heights in each case to achieve the desired effect.
  4. You can now test the result with a headset. You must use stereo headphones, earphones and the PC speakers are unsuitable. They are, if your attempt was successful, can hear a third vibration, which produces your brain due to the different frequencies.

Be listening carefully. Some people feel a different sound as disturbing or even get a headache while listening. It is said to have even been cases where people have with nosebleeds or anxiety reported.

Create Binaural Beats on the computer by yourself

Create Binaural Beats on the computer by yourself

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