Create Games With Google SketchUp - Tips & Tricks

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Create Games With Google SketchUp - Tips & Tricks

3D models from Google SketchUp can be used as level design for games.

Think multidimensional! - Google SketchUp

Google provides with SketchUp a freeware.

  • To download the software for Mac and Windows. As long as the 3D objects are not used for commercial purposes, but serve the private man to fun and games, not a single cent has to be invested. For professional use SketchUp Pro can be purchased.
  • Is it downloaded, install the program by a first-run experience. On the Home screen, "Next" and you agree to the license terms and conditions. "Finish" Two clicks on "Next", after a "Install" and. Already the program is installed. Any 3D objects can be created.
  • When you first open the freeware you can define the settings. You can find a construction window and a window theory. The second option is for Mentoring: Learn all about design tools. Tips for proper use of the program are included.
  • In a viewport on the other hand is drawn. Set as a measure centimeters, to be able to do better spatial requirements at the beginning of may. As view, select the perspective - also serves for better orientation.

If you have ever worked with AutoCad or similar drawing programs, then you will not be too difficult to deal with SketchUp. "Let's go 3D" it is at this point.

Let's go 3D! - Constructing and animating with SketchUp

Draw not equal to a whole world, but practice a bit. There is still no master fell from the sky!

  • A click on the mouse is used for setting start and end points. The three axes of orientation of models in space. They construct flat at first a closed surface. 3D is the whole by the Aufkonstruktion other surfaces.
  • The correct length is hardly hinzukriegen with your mouse. Work therefore typing text - also have AutoCad connoisseurs an advantage, because the SketchUp keyboard input does not much different.
  • Select with the mouse a starting point, draw a line and use the keypad to their length in centimeters to. For rectangles, the dimensions of both sides can be entered. For circles, select the radius. A confirmation on the keyboard SketchUp constructed the lines to your exact specifications.
  • The models can be combined to animations. For this, open the program the tab "scenes". The selected model must now be brought into the desired view. This is done as usual by the navigation tools. When you have finished, insert the model view on "plus" as scene laid.
  • Then change the view, and as often as desired for the animation required. Enter at the end of parameters such as the duration of a still image and export the finished animation.
  • To leave a SketchUp object really run like a character, the object "bone", to each of which an event is to program needs. The necessary information is the direction, the movement of time and possibly the degree of rotation.
  • Use a separate animation editor where you transport the SketchUp figure. this may come as programs eligible Blender.

With the animation you have Google SketchUp learned from its most interesting side. Now it comes down to business: Let us use the tool to create games?

create 3D games with Google SketchUp

SketchUp is not enough for the games development. Supportive but it can be used wisely.

  • The program can be used to level design. A 3D engine can then load the constructed models. Also SketchUp animations can fulfill their purpose and are loaded for example as transitions between sequences may play.
  • The programming of the 3D engine can be done in different way, which is usually in C or C ++ - is gecodet - here direct programming of the graphic components.
  • One possibility is the DirectX programming. It makes sense in this case, a modular construction, are implemented in the Direct3D, Input and Sound as individual modules. Inevitably this is the acquisition of extensive knowledge of vectors, matrices and levels.
  • A suitable framework must be prepared. The source structure should contain all the function calls as the compliments. Besides, macros, and any variables must be documented herein. All graphical output can be read by an extra module.
  • It is easier to fall back on a 3D engine, which already exists and to implement herein SketchUp objects. One possibility is the Unity 3D. The objects must be issued in this case as Collada. Besides dae file a corresponding folder is displayed with textures. The file is converted via FBX Converter.
  • The object with texture and associated DAE and fbx file is copied into the "Assets" folder of an opened Unity 3D project. The object appears in the project list of the engine and can be integrated via drag and drop in a scene.

The basics of integration you know now. Have fun trying! But Expect that the 3D programming a real time-waster is!

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