Create IRC Chat - Here's how

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Create IRC Chat - Here's how

IRC can also be used on the go.

Join an IRC server

Before you can create an IRC chat, you need to join a server network. One of the benefits of IRC is that it is not necessarily a separate account is necessary. All you need is an IRC client such as mIRC.

  1. Please download the latest version of mIRC from the manufacturer's website. The program can be used free of charge.
  2. Once the download is complete, install and launch it.
  3. After starting, the options of the IRC clients are displayed. Here are initially only the fields "Username" and "alternative" interesting. Think of a nickname from, you want to have in the chat, and wear it in these fields. The alternative should be at least slightly different from the nickname. But the mIRC uses this only if your preferred name is already taken.
  4. Confirm your entries with "OK".
  5. Now to connect to a server, click on the yellow lightning which appears to the left directly under the File menu ( "File"). The mIRC now connects you to a server of QuakeNet, one of the largest IRC hosts.

Create a private chat

Once the connection, there are three different ways to create an IRC chat:

  • Immediately after the establishment of the connection asks mIRC according to which channel you want to join. Here you have the choice between several preset, but can also create a private chatroom. Enter the name you want to in the "Enter channel name and click join:" a. By clicking on the Join button, you open the channel, provided it does not exist.
  • However, it is also possible to create from existing out new chat rooms. Just use the command "/ join # gew├╝nschterchannnelname" (without quotes).
  • If you want to create a private chat chat with just one other person, you can use the command "/ query nickname 'do. In this case, open another chat window that can be seen only by you and your interlocutor.
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