Crib - so make a wooden crib itself ago

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Crib - so make a wooden crib itself ago

Krippenbauen creates something permanent.

Children are enthusiastic about nativity scenes, perhaps because they convey in addition to the magic of the Christmas celebration even as in a dollhouse coziness and familiar seclusion. to timber A wooden crib, is a welcome opportunity to involve the children in the production of a beautiful project with and to create something that may well survive a couple of decades.

So you manage the Krippenbauen guaranteed

  1. Take a shoe box of your choice, set it to the wide side, so that the opening looks across to you, and make sure that fit your crib figures.
  2. Measure the box now and write down the dimensions, possibly with additions, if your crib should be designed deeper or wider.
  3. The base plate on which the crib stands should be large enough in size, so you can also attach decorative materials thereon.
  4. Cut out medium thick cardboard a pattern of your crib and attach the items provisionally with tape. Arrange then again your characters on the pattern of cardboard crib.
  5. Saws Now according to your cardboard parts, the individual parts for the crib from the chip timber.
  6. With wood glue or hot glue gun, attach then the individual parts together, you can use for additional fixing and wooden strips that connect you with very thin nails (caution, the plywood could splinter) or small screws.
  7. After you are done with the "shell", stir to mix plaster and in Styrofoam beads. Now apply this ground as plaster on the crib on.
  8. With smooth plaster you guzzle the ground and pull it evenly with a spatula smooth.
  9. As shingles you can use either beef pieces that you collect during a walk in the woods. Also wooden sticks as they are, for example, ice lollies or be used by doctors (when the children are to "Aaa" say), are highly suitable as a roofing.
  10. Then attach your chosen roofing with the hot glue gun.
  11. after complete drying of wood glue and hot glue Paint the crib in natural colors. The roof can also prove with straw or with artificial snowflakes.
  12. When decorating the crib suitable small sticks and twigs, moss pieces or stones. Note the positioning of your nativity figures before you glue the decorations.

Many suggestions how to proceed when crib, of course can also be found on the Internet. Among other things, you can also find instructions on how to make Krippenfiguren itself. Do not shy away from lush to hide possible shortcomings in the crib with decorative material. At Christmas may be the quite a bit more. Similarly, if you want to illuminate your crib, to suitable finished nativity lights that can be bought at Christmas time in hardware stores.

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