Criminal vs. Civil law - a simple explanation

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Criminal vs.  Civil law - a simple explanation

Whether criminal or civil law, criminal land mostly in court.

Civil law always involves two individuals

  • In our society, laws govern peaceful coexistence. Especially important these laws are in contractual matters, such. As sales, inheritances, divorces, etc. Exactly for such matters and private issues there is civil law, because here are usually two individuals against.
  • Thus, the civil law governs coexistence between individuals. It ensures that everyone has their personal rights can develop freely, as long as he not injured the rights of another. Should this be the case, one may accuse this person under civil law. personal rights are then represented by lawyers of civil law in court.

In criminal law the state has a finger in the pie

  • Criminal law should indeed ensure peaceful coexistence, but in this case the Criminal Code plays an important role. In it are listed offenses that are punishable in Germany with certain adhesives, fines or similar penalties. If you violate this right, you will be charged by the state and have to defend against the prosecutor and the judge.
  • In the Middle Ages still spoke of vigilantism, today the prosecution and conviction by the criminal law is only reserved to the State. Those using vigilante, is even prosecuted.
  • Thus this right is also observed, there are z. B. the police, which acts among others as an executive in Germany. They may interfere with breaching criminal law and if appropriate, withdraw your freedom - at least until a court has ruled on your duty.
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