Crochet sweater - Instructions

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Crochet sweater - Instructions

Crochet is a breezy sweater.

Crochet sweater - Instructions

So looks the finished sweater. Roswitha Gladel

What you should consider when crochet sweaters

If you want to crochet a garment, you should make a basic familiarity with the technology. You need to master a few techniques. Once you have mastered stitches, crochet and chopsticks, you can make a sweater.

  • The meshes are more compact than when knitting. If you crochet from the same yarn and knitting, the knitted elastic and thinner. Thus, the sweater is not stiff and uncomfortable, crochet an airy lace pattern. It arises when you crochet sticks and stitches alternates. In the area of ​​the shoulders, it makes sense to crochet with chopsticks, so the sweater will retain its shape.
  • You can crochet with any wool or cotton. For the airy lace pattern to smooth cotton yarns are better than fluffy wool. Very fluffy Merino is therefore rarely taken for crocheting.
  • The yarn and the strength of the crochet hook must fit together. Which needle required for a yarn is on the band of the yarn. Thin yarns need a small needle size, thick a great strength. For sweater yarn usually used for needles in the range of three to four. If you crochet very tightly, you should take a thicker needle, so the Crocheted not be too stiff.
  • The time taken is compared to knit less, especially if you opt for an airy pattern. How long does it take for a sweater is done depends on your skills.
  • Taking care of Häkelpullovers depends on the yarn used and the workmanship. An airy pattern should better not in the washing machine, since it can lose its shape. Wash the Pullover by hand, press from him, but do not wring it. Put it to dry on a towel, which lies on a grate. Pull it gently into the right shape.

Instructions for a summery Häkelpulli

The sweater crochet according to these instructions, shall consist of a rectangular front and back and two sleeves, which have almost the shape of a rectangle. On the front part there is a small round neckline. The back is five centimeters longer than the front.

  1. Take for the back 88 stitches on if you want to crochet a sweater in Greetings S. For L you need 102 and XXXL 130 stitches. Take care to crochet stitches loosely to the sweater beautiful falls later and does not contract at the edge.
  2. Crochet in the sixth stitch a stick. This is followed by a chain stitch and in the eighth stitch again chopsticks. Insert the series continues in this manner. It ends with a stick in the last stitch. The result is a pattern of holes.
  3. Apply to begin working with the back row. Crochet two turning chain stitches and again alternating rods and chain stitches. The rods come into the air each stitch of previous row.
  4. Continue this pattern until you have reached a height of 47 centimeters. For L, it must be 52 centimeters 49 centimeters and XXXL. Crochet chopsticks now both in stitches, as well as in the rods of the previous row.
  5. Crochet in chopsticks, until you reach 53 centimeters (55 and 58 centimeters). Mark the edge of the work with threads the beginning of the armhole and crochet continue until 68 (72, 78) reach centimeters.
  6. Now the neck starts: Crochet only up to 61. (71 .; 97.) stitch and back again. Apply when you come before crochet the last sticks in the following range to the center. Continue the series without further loss until you reach a length of 70; have (74 80) reaches centimeters. Crochet the other side of the shoulder correspondingly finished.
  7. Crochet the front as the back part. But Navigate to 43 (49; 52) centimeters from the hole pattern to chopsticks. Highlight armhole to 47 (49; 51) centimeters. The neck starts to 56 (60; 66) centimeters. Crochet mesh only up to 65. (75 .; 97.). Work until the end of the part in every second row a stick in the middle less. (7 68) centimeters, the part has a total length of 64th Crochet the other side of the shoulder according to the instructions.
  8. Start of the sleeve with 48 (50; 56) loose stitches. Put on the back row a stick in the sixth Luftmasche. Crochet now in lace pattern. Take on each side, once you have reached a height of eight centimeters. Crochet for the rise on each side in the last two chopsticks chopsticks. Take all 7 (4,5; 3) centimeters two stitches to. The sleeve is ready when it has a length of 49 (47; 41) has reached centimeters. Customize the other sleeve.

Completion of sweaters

  1. Steam the parts under a damp cloth with an iron in order to get exact rectangles.
  2. Sew the front and back of the shoulders.
  3. Locate the markers for armhole and sew the sleeves between the markings on the two parts. Make sure that the broad side of the sleeve, so the number that they have crocheted the last to sew.
  4. Now close the side seams. Bear in mind that the back portion protrudes six centimeters on the front. Let also open a slit of about five centimeters.

Now you have crocheted a sweater that fits perfectly with narrow trousers and narrow skirts.

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