Crop Hardy geraniums correctly

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Crop Hardy geraniums correctly

There are few hardy geraniums.

Hardy Geranium - cultivate plants properly

  • Geraniums, also called geraniums, which normally adorn our balconies and window boxes are usually not hardy. They must therefore cut back in the fall and overwinter in a frost-free, bright place.
  • In fact, there are hardy geranium species. These plants have, however, generally consistent with the known geranium species little or nothing to do. And the term "hardy" is also extensible.
  • First, there is a geranium, Pelargonium namely endlicherianum that is hardy. However, this is not a stately geranium for the planter, but a little way that is more suitable for the rock garden.
  • Some garden centers (including the Internet) offer a hardy geranium, namely Burcs Double, a new breed. However, these geraniums are hardy only conditionally. They must therefore cut back in the fall and cover with leaves or pine needles. "Hardy" in most gardeners do not just mean that the bucket completely at - 15 ° C is frozen through, but often only temperatures around zero degrees. Here also the pot or planter must be protected, for example with a Isofolie. In particularly harsh winters and dry so they will not survive unprotected. The maintenance cost is low: From March this geraniums are then uncovered and again watered regularly, fertilizer increase Blühfreudigkeit. The Verblühte must always be removed, including stem, then it comes in these geraniums to a second flowering.
  • However, the term "geranium" confusing. The plants in the flower boxes hot actually pelargoniums. And then there's a garden plant, the Geranium and is called in German cranesbill. However, this is not a balcony geranium, but rather a garden plant. Almost all of these Geranium species are hardy and can be planted in a perennial garden. Again, the maintenance effort is rather low. They are somewhat cut back and remain in the earth. However, you should make something protected the cranesbill in tubs or protect with a Isofolie in rough areas.
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