Crysis 2 keeps crashing - possible remedy

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Crysis 2 keeps crashing - possible remedy

It is annoying when Crysis crashes.

Crysis 2 prevent the crash

Crysis 2 is an action game that not only shines with beautiful graphics, but also in almost all other respects, enjoys a gamer's heart. But the joy is quickly tarnished when Crysis 2 will not run smoothly and always crashes. As with any PC problem there is also some standard solutions before you should contact support.

  1. If Crysis 2 always crashes, make sure that the game is up to date. Download any patches for Crysis 2 from the gaming site and install it.
  2. If Crysis 2 yet crash repeatedly, verify that your computer meets the requirements of the game. Read on the back of the game box, the minimum requirements to and compare them with the components of your PC.
  3. If your PC meet the requirements, just try to set the graphics to the lowest level. To do so, setting interface of Crysis 2 and click the "Graphics". Now set the resolution and the graphics to the lowest level.
  4. When Crysis 2 was led stable, you can insert the picture gradually raise it up again. As long until it begins again, crashing. Then you need to go one step down again.
  5. If all previously performed methods have brought nothing, you have to resort to bitter pill and install new Crysis 2.
  6. To do so, "Remove Software" under Control Panel and uninstall Crysis. 2
  7. Now insert the DVD and install new Crysis 2. Be sure to let the installation run while other programs.
  8. However, if the new installation have not helped, you must contact support under and portray him your problem.

Now everything will work as usual.

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