Crystallizing in the basement avoid - so use Sanierputz

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Crystallizing in the basement avoid - so use Sanierputz

Restoration alone usually does not help. Fersing / Pixelio

Important to crystallize and Restoration

  • Usually often diffuses water through basement walls, either by rain, melt water or wetness that comes from below.
  • Water always leads with salts, since it often has a long way through the ground behind him, before it penetrates the walls of the basement.
  • There, the water evaporates after some time, the salts are left behind. If the salt concentration is too high, it comes to crystallize.
  • This damage you will see clearly to the masonry, it is covered with crystals and plaster falls off. Since salts are hygroscopic, they draw in addition to humidity, the wall is no longer dry.
  • Restoration is able to absorb the salts and cut the masonry salt and moisture. So can crystallize the masonry nothing, the place where this is happening now is the Restoration.

Alone with Sanierputz you can rehabilitate not a building, because its capacity has limits. Eventually, the salts are crystallized and on its surface, and it loses its beneficial properties.

To sanitize properly

  • As quick action to resolve an acute problem temporarily, you can use a layer Sanierputz muster to "sacrifice" them to. Dry the walls and desalting with the plaster, but the plaster must be removed in the medium term to rehabilitate properly.
  • Investigating the cause of de moisture. Let Se consult a construction expert. In principle one can seal anything, no matter how much water is added to the house. Wrong actions can exacerbate the problem, however.
  • Mostly you need to repair, replace or install a first horizontal sealing. In other cases, a drainage mechanism be placed or masonry to be coated externally with appropriate sealing means. It depends entirely on the basis of moisture and what's why leading to crystallize. Without skilled in the art there is a danger that the problem gets worse.

The Restoration You can then apply good itself under the measure.

Apply Sanierputz to crystallize

In order for the Restoration acts and further crystallisation prevented, it must be applied directly to the masonry:

  1. First remove the old plaster and all coatings such as paint, oil, grease from the masonry. Clean preferably with a high pressure cleaner.
  2. Check the ground sucked strongly, if so, moisten it to.
  3. Stir the Restoration to the manufacturer's instructions and wear it thick in one or more layers of at least 20 mm. If you apply in several layers, you need to dry the individual layers between coats. Here, too, you must check with the manufacturer, because that is different for the different types of plaster.
  4. Let slowly dry the Restoration from the inside out. Avoid drafts or strong sunlight. In a pinch, you have to keep the plaster from the outside moist, otherwise it will dry out and harden before the underlying layers are dry. This leads to cracks.
  5. Wait after drying for 24 hours before attaching a smoothing plaster or paint with suitable diffusible color. The color must suit the plaster so that it can develop its properties. With latex paint, for example, you can prevent any further crystallisation, because this takes the plaster positive qualities.

Restoration plasters own distinguished themselves to place in conjunction with Ma├čnahem against moisture masonry dry and to prevent crystallization.

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