Currency conversion - Formula

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Currency conversion - Formula

Currency conversion made easy

Anyone who has been outside Europe before, had the problem with the corresponding thereto currency. Since the introduction of the euro, it is anyway already become far more relaxed, to go abroad. In the following guide you will learn how to charge the currencies without any problems with a formula.

Currency conversion made easy

  • If you want to perform a currency conversion, you need this not necessarily a formula. Many exchange rates allow through rough estimates to arrive at a good value.
  • It is advisable to roughly calculate to avoid a rude awakening at the end. So you can, for example, the Chinese RMB with 7: expected 1: 1 as having. 8 By this calculation method you can usually look forward in the end more money than you thought.

But if you are a person who wants to know precisely about the finances communication, you have the opportunity to find this out through a formula or a currency converter on the Internet.

Use a formula for converting

  • To make the currency conversion as easy as possible, there is a very simple formula. Here, you need only the current price of currency corresponding thereto.
  • Now you need to apply a simple rule of three. This means you have the following formula: 1 € = 0.80 Swiss francs -> € 100 = x.
  • Now you must set the following approach: you need to multiply 100 € 0.80 and then divide by: 1. The final step in this example is trivial, but if you here have a different value, this must be carried out. The result of this formula is now that 100 euro amount, 80 Swiss francs.
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