Currency on Bali - Notes

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Currency on Bali - Notes

Indonesia offers wonderful lush green rice fields.

The official currency in Bali

  • The official currency in Bali is Indonesian Rupiah (Rp). There are coins graded from 100 to 100,000 rupiah for the smallest amounts and certificates. You can check on the current exchange rate online information.
  • You must not include more than 50 million rupiah at the entry and exit to Indonesia. Of course, this limitation does not apply to island hopping between, for example, Java and Bali. However, it is not necessary to excessively carry much cash.
  • You can perform about 25 USD for the payment of the entry fees are per person, necessary but this is not. Scattered dollars will not be accepted, especially if it is old or damaged bills. Otherwise some Euro or Rupiahw√§hrung ranges as earnest money for the first few days.

withdraw money and go

  • Bali is very touristy developed. In larger towns you will always find machines where you can withdraw with your credit card. Do not forget that you need to your PIN.
  • There is also a limit restriction of 600,000 Rp with ATM cash machines that require even higher fees. Interested in the BCA ATMs and vending of Danamon Bank. You can up to 1,500,000 Rp stand and also pay less fees than at the ATM machines.
  • Even exchange offices there are around every corner. So you can convert without problems Euro. It is worthwhile to compare the prices.
  • However, most traders and restaurant owners also accept euros. Dollars are also taken, but are not as popular as euro generally.
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