Curtain: Remove mildew - Here's how

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Curtain: Remove mildew - Here's how

Shower curtains need care. brit berlin / Pixelio

So you can remove mold from your shower curtain

If you already use a shower curtain for a long time or have used you know the problem is likely: it does not take long and already form the first dark spots. But how to remove mold from the shower curtain? For more informa- tion:

  • The actual spots of mold is very difficult to deal with. One home remedy that works with fabric curtains: you sprinkle lemon juice on the mold stains and let the lemon dry in direct sunlight. This has a bleaching effect.
  • Alternatively, and much more effective is the use of chlorine bleach. The much asserted opinion that the washing away the stains in the washing machine is not true, as soon as the first real mold spots have formed. For colored shower curtains make sure that the color does not fade in the chlorine bleach. Test the best before removing the mold on a hidden part.

So you can prevent or delay the formation of mold

Much easier it is there when you prevent from the outset of the mold. So you can avoid having to remove stubborn mold stains in the future:

  • Do not push your shower curtain in the "dry area" - on the contrary: Branch him as far out, to pull off soap scum with the shower and let the curtain pulled taut to dry outside the shower.
  • Wash your shower curtain regularly every 2-3 months in the washing machine. Textile shower curtains can be washed at 30 ° C at 60 ° C, plastic shower curtains.
  • Ask When buying the shower curtain exactly: there are now also shower curtains that barely provide a basis for the mold spores. For this, however, these shower curtains are also going to have a lot more expensive in stores.

If you do that too much effort is only one solution: Get off to a shower.

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