Customize Google Chrome background - how it works

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Customize Google Chrome background - how it works

Design with Google Chrome change.

assume Ready Design for Google Chrome

The fastest and easiest way to change the wallpaper for Google Chrome, by recourse to a finished design.

  1. for first start Google Chrome.
  2. Then click on the top right on the icon that looks like a wrench, and then select "Options" (Windows) or "Preferences" (Mac). Alternatively, you can + use a Mac for the keyboard shortcut Cmd.
  3. Now select the left side of the tab "Private" from.
  4. Scroll possibly somewhat down until you can see the point "designs". Then click on the link "Get themes".
  5. Then a new page will be opened where you can see various ready-made designs. Pick a theme that you like.
  6. Hover your mouse over this style and then click the button "Select Design".
  7. Confirm the action by clicking on "Add".
  8. Then the design is downloaded, which may take a few seconds. Then the design is automatically installed and applied. You can change this by installing a different design according to this manual, or remove by clicking the "Reset to default theme" under "Private" in "designs" on the button.

Create your own design and own background

Alternatively, you can design your design and hence the background itself. To this end, offers free Internet service "Online Chrome Theme Creator".

  1. Just open the website of the online Chrome Theme Creator.
  2. Be the first above in "Theme Name" the name for your design, and add optional including a description of your design should.
  3. Then switch the menu on the tab "Images".
  4. Now you can customize the various areas of Chrome, such as the toolbar, the background of a blank page or a tab. First, click on the "new tab page background".
  5. Click "Choose File" and upload the image you want to use as background.
  6. Then select including whether the image should repeat or not, if this should be too small.
  7. Optionally, you can also specify in the next field yet, as the background image should be aligned.
  8. Then change the remaining areas of design to your liking.
  9. In the menu section "Colors & Tints" You can further indicate the individual font color or specify a background color, in case you have not upload a picture for the area. The color for the background of a blank page, you can change this under "new tab page background".
  10. Navigate to the circuit back to the tab "Start".
  11. Now you can install the Design either directly ( "Pack and install theme") or first download and install it manually. For the latter, you can either design download directly ( "Pack and download theme") or can be archived in advance as a zip file ( "Pack and download zip file").
  12. If you install the Design directly, you must lower left on "Next". After a short pause then changes the design and you can use this or delete the top right corner with "Backward" again.
  13. If you have the design first first downloaded, you must open the downloaded file manually and then proceed as in step 12th
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