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Traditions New Year's Eve

The new year is celebrated everywhere, but the New Year customs are often very different. In Germany there are different rituals and traditions that make a special holiday on 31 December. Classic and internationally known is the big fireworks with which the year is welcomed. Usually here all meet on the street, not infrequently encountered on this occasion also with strangers on the new year.

In addition to the famous New Year Sketch "Dinner for one" is also the lead casting a much-loved tradition. Here is not only the entertainment value in the foreground, but also the aspect of sociability. The more people are, the greater the fun.

When Bleigie├čen a refractory shell is mounted over a candle and melted small figures of lead in it. Once the lead is liquid, you tip it quickly in a glass of cold water. The resulting deformation is used as an omen of what will bring in the coming year. A tip: Do not take this game too seriously, then the pleasure in every respect will be undimmed.

Christmas customs in Germany

Unlike New Year Christmas is celebrated in Germany as a rule not with friends, but in the family circle. For many this festival is an occasion to return home after a long time. With family or friends, ultimately applies especially: Christmas is a festival that you do not like to spend alone.

Most Christmas traditions start on Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas. Dinner is often here from old school home cooking, for example sausages with potato salad. The traditional Christmas goose or similar culinary delights to save a lot on the banquet on the first or second Christmas.

Customs and traditions around Easter

Not only this Christmas but also the Easter holidays are associated with many traditional customs. For families with children the Easter egg hunt in the home garden is an obligatory part of the day. Hidden are not only colorful Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and other Easter candy, but also small gifts.

Since Easter by Christian background is the day of the resurrection of Jesus, Lent is inextricably linked to this festival. The culmination of Lent is Good Friday, the day was crucified Jesus. On this day, will be omitted in many families in Germany on meat and eaten instead of fish. To underline the symbolism of mourning, dancing and loud music in many regions are prohibited.

Wedding customs in Germany

Hardly a festival is so much associated with certain customs and traditions such as a wedding. The classic white wedding dress with veil and train is as important as the Ehrentanz the couple, in which the guests form and clap along a circle around them.

Especially popular are the games that are organized at the wedding reception. These games can be very different regional, but on most weddings represented.

In southern Germany, for example it is the custom that the bride is "kidnapped" at the end of the ceremony and the groom to look. Equally popular are games in which the couple must assess the previous coexistence and eventually turns out to what extent the answers match.

The Oktoberfest in Munich

Whether it actually takes place in October or even the end of September - a visit to the Munich Oktoberfest is for all foreign tourists a must. The "Wiesn", as this festival is in Munich also known, is the biggest festival in the world and has thus also international celebrity status.

There is already a year since 1810 on the Theresienwiese and attracts every year about six million people. In order to visually highlight the tradition of the Oktoberfest, more and more visitors opt for the traditional costume: Dirndl and Lederhosen.

Carnival in the Rhineland

Who wants to deal as a foreigner with German customs, should have at least once experienced the Carnival in the Rhineland. The so-called fifth season begins on 11. 11. at 11:11 am and ends with the "great days" of Indian Thursday to Ash Wednesday, the most take place in mid-February.

Strongholds of carnival in Germany Cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf and Mainz. Even those who have to work, to the Carnival season can not completely escape. On Thursday of the men must prepare accordingly in the clothing choice, because traditionally they may cut off the tie, the women on this day. Caution: If you turn up at the outset without a tie, outs himself as a spoilsport!

The Rose Monday is the day on which the carnival parades through the streets. Here you can admire or hope to snatch as many sweets that are thrown from the car in the amount of the variety of different costumes. The background of the carnival is that on Ash Wednesday, Lent begins. The day before will be again used to celebrate in all exuberance and uninhibited.

Note. Ortsunkundiger as the regional designation of Carnival In Dusseldorf Carnival Greeting "Helau" in Cologne is against "Alaaf" in Wuppertal "Wuppdika". The name for the "crazy days" vary slightly. While one rather speaks to the north of Carnival, it is in the south Fasching or Fastnacht. In Cologne you can hear sometimes the vernacular name "Fastelovend".

Bachelor - a young hot in Germany

If someone gets married in Germany, it is customary to say goodbye shortly before again extensively from bachelorhood. Previously this was done as part of a big celebration, called the hen party. Friends and relatives bring old dishes and porcelain to make it to smash in the eyes of the future bride and groom. Shards bring luck, as the saying goes, and therefore marriage is very happy, it is necessary to produce a particularly large shards.

The modern version of the wedding shower is the bachelor party. This takes place separated by sex and usually only on a small scale. Bride and groom meet with some good friends or girlfriends to celebrate extensively.

Occasionally it is manipulated to the bachelor / spinster who must sell small bottles of liquor or other accessories, for example, on the train or in the city. Often give the parties the right clothing as uniform T-shirts for the public to see, so that bystanders feel entertained.

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