Cut apple tree as spindle correctly

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Cut apple tree as spindle correctly

Looking forward to the apple harvest

A spindle tree already forming in the stem height of 50 to 60 centimeters more short side branches. You are about 2.50 meters high and can therefore be maintained and harvested without a ladder. Important in such an apple tree is the regular section.

Cut apple tree at the beginning

Even with the plant an apple spindle set for the first time at a pruner. is planted in a well-prepared planting hole. The finishing point is slightly above the soil. Planting time is early spring or autumn.

Supply the tree necessarily having a stable tree stake and slurries the roots vigorously a. Then cut up the trunk extension. Put the cut at about 30 centimeters above the last branch. The other runners tie horizontally.

not Lace thereby give a still weak stem. Use soft material that allows you abpolstern the cord on the trunk. In March you can easily fertilize the newly planted tree.

After bud break in the spring already a second fertilization and about the beginning of July, a second section on fruit wood occurs in June. In this set all shoots horizontally, which arose under the broken section. Has formed a second side of the center main engine, so it is removed. Even strong shoots, which can no longer be positioned horizontally, are completely excised.

Proper crown structure for rich harvest

After the basic section work cutting the crown structure begins. A spindle educate, by ensuring that a pyramidal growth of the crown. It is important that the crown is constructed loosely, so that the branches inside get enough air and light.

Make sure that the tree does not form a double crown. In parallel with the central focusing growing and competing with this Runners remove therefore. The side branches are loosely standing and branch well simultaneously. Long, straight runners are therefore shortened slightly.

The professional cutting the crown encourages the development of fruit-bearing branches. If the apple tree has reached the desired height - about 2.50 meters - you derive the main engines, so the stem extension. This is done by shortening the stem to a deeper instinct.

This applies in general to observe it while cutting

For all cutting measures following rules apply:

  • Remove any shoots that grow inward in the crown or intersect.
  • Get the center wheel as the center of growth.
  • Cut out all dead plant parts always.
  • Also remove whip-like, steep upward growing shoots.
  • Remove branches that are not horizontal, but grow down and therefore supplied badly from the tree with juice.

educate and get the stem of the tree

In the following years after the first year after you clear your spindle from ever so that enough light enters the crown. To form on the horizontal branches branched fruiting shoots. This means that you can remove, or inward growing vertically upstanding instincts. For too long, unbranched branches contrast reaches a reduction in the length.

Old branches bend over the years by the fruit load down. They carry bad or barely. therefore replace older branches by younger shoots. To pleased the tree for many years with full income.

Fertilize the tree always in March and in June. The stronger an apple tree grows, the later should be cut: For the right time of the annual tree cut following principle applies. For the weaker growing spindles so the late fall is a good time and consistent high strains are best cut in early spring.

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