cut arborvitae - so your hedge is evenly

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cut arborvitae - so your hedge is evenly

The Tree of Life is a popular hedge plant.

The Tree of Life as a hedge plant

  • Tree of Life, is popular as a hedge plant, because some varieties of these plants are evergreen and therefore unable to provide a good protection against the street and the neighboring properties even in winter.
  • It grows best in a sunny spot on the ground where the soil is loose and moist. However, waterlogging does not tolerate even this plant.
  • The Tree of Life needs in summer and in winter sufficient water. So you do not ever have to water, you can move around the hedge apply a coat of mulch.
  • For healthy growth you fertilize your plants best with a conifer fertilizer or - if you have created a compost heap in your garden - a little compost. Fertilization is best in the spring when the tree of life begins to grow.

You should be aware of when cutting

  • To ensure that your hedge of arborvitae uniformly grows and is thereby sealed beautiful, cut them preferably once a year. A good time for this is around the Johannitag on June 24, because then puts the Tree of Life a little break and is growing only slightly, so that the hedge for some time retains its shape.
  • Select for cutting hedge plants always have a day when the weather is not so nice. In bright sunshine, it can easily happen that the leaves, which are not shaded by the average of other leaves burn, so cloudy is fundamentally more appropriate.
  • When pruning it, that you do not cut into the old wood, because often drives the tree of life, the old wood not back out. therefore Shorten only new shoots.
  • In a hedge of the lower part often gets too little light and is bald with time. You can prevent this by slightly trapezoidal trim the hedge, so it is up slightly narrower than the bottom.
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