cut corkscrew willow

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cut corkscrew willow

Corkscrew willow decorate with their decorative appearance the garden. Klaus-Peter_Wolf / Pixelio

A corkscrew willow is an extremely fast-growing shrub. He achieved within a few years more than ten meters high. For the attractive outfit, alongside the most sweeping branches of reddish hue and long, narrow leaves. The bright flowers have with the willow similarity. Cut the plant regularly rejuvenate the growth and insulate overgrowth a little.

The optimum time for cutting the plant

The corkscrew willow named "Salix matsudana Tortuosa" originated from the breeding of Chinese willow. Depending on taste, the plant grows in the garden bed or in bucket.

If the conditions, they can easily reach an annual increase in height of up to one meter. Cut the branches regularly, promote a healthy growth and stimulate sprouting. The perennial tolerates the pruning as well as a radical pruning.

The best time is in late autumn, winter or early spring. It is important that the sun is not shining too strong and prevents burning. In addition, a dry and frost-free weather is recommended. Cut the plant in the cold season, it also acts in winter attractive.

Perform the cut at the grazing correctly

Use only a very pure and sharp tools. Through bruised and torn shoots originate wounds favoring the penetration of germs and development of diseases.

  • Remove the branches with a smooth, straight cut.
  • Cut out the thinning of the crown pastures.
  • Let healthy means instincts are.
  • Cut the shoots back only to the intended length.
  • Remove old, dead, leafless and stunted branches.
  • Let healthy instincts are.

Maintain The corkscrew willow

With a good location, some fertilizer and an annual mean you disclosed the corks ornamental pasture their full potential.

Care of corkscrew willow at a glance
care method care measure
bright, sunny, semi-shade
substratum a normal floor is sufficient
water transfer
only when heat and drought

Container plant needs water regularly so that the root ball does not dry out

fertilizers give a liquid fertilizer into the water in the growing season every 14 days

Pull the plant itself

Due to the beautiful color and form the corks ornamental pasture suitable as winter decoration in the room. In winter you can get individual branches in the nurseries. From these, a pasture for easy removal.

Ask. The branches in a vase with water There soon develop roots and after a while formed on the branches and leaves.

Are the roots strong enough to plant the cuttings initially in a pot with potting soil. Poke your nose several side by side, so that the plant is beautiful bushy later. Ask. The pot on a bright place, first inside and later outside

If the plant has become big and strong, you can plant out into the garden or in a pot. Select a location that has enough space. The corkscrew willow grows very quickly becoming a large tree.

In the same way you can a cuttings that you cut from a tree rooting. All pastures easily form new roots and can therefore multiply very simple.

The attractive corkscrew willow is one of the easy-care plants. It adorns the garden, the terrace and balcony.

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