cut juniper

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cut juniper

Juniper is versatile in the garden usable.

Juniper is a popular, evergreen garden greenhouse

  • Juniper is a very popular plant that is outstandingly suitable for designing your garden, hardy, including very green. For our latitudes especially the Alpine juniper is because it is very robust. It belongs to the cypress family and brings a bit of Mediterranean flair to your garden. It is particularly well suited as a screen and planting hedges.
  • In garden centers or nurseries of juniper is usually offered as a ball plant. It can be up to ten meters high and should be planted in spring or early autumn. Leave enough space between individual plants, so they can spread well. Every now and then it does not hurt your plants to treat a little manure or compost.

Cut your juniper back regularly

  • To keep your juniper strong and healthy, you should Him even cut back in the year. In this work is highly recommended to wear gardening gloves and long-sleeved outerwear. Because the spines of your plants can you inflict nasty scratches that may also ignite. Therefore, a little careful when pruning your plants is required.
  • In spring or autumn, when the weather is still above freezing, is the best time to clean your juniper and get in shape. To prevent the plant woody and gets out of shape. In addition, you help prevent also a pest infestation of your plants.
  • It is particularly important to remove brown and dead branches is very carefully. Especially inside the plant, close to the trunk, see dead wood. Remove these all possible and use to best a handy pruner.
  • After the dead wood away, you can begin to cut back. The juniper is to form sculptures or to make so-called bonsai cuts, and it can withstand even strong neck well.
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