cut overhanging branches - how it works

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cut overhanging branches - how it works

Cut overhanging branches and sweeping from right.

Remove Overhanging tree parts

An old trees in the garden is particularly valuable because it has many advantages. Is this from deciduous trees such as, beech, alder and birch trees, it is also very easy to maintain, because a cut is not absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, it may happen that overhanging branches interfere, by ensuring light poverty or over the fence, stick to the road or neighboring properties. In this case, you can cut off the overhanging branches.

  • If the overhanging branches of your trees and shrubs prevent other plants from growing, protrude over fences or buildings zoom, you should cut it.
  • but not pruning the trees during Austriebs- or main growth time - ideally cut the overhanging branches from November to February.
  • Large cuts can then be treated with a wound closure means.
  • If you can not wait, but the overhanging branches of your deciduous trees already have cut in the summer, is the best time to do it by the end of July to September.

Cut branches professionally

If you want to trim overhanging branches of your deciduous trees, you should use a lopper with leverage, as this makes it easier to work.

  • With a good lopper cut branches up to a diameter of five centimeters from precise.
  • For more sweeping and hence resilient branches located rod shears are perfectly suited. Use the telescopic pole, you can cut the branches so fine without conductor.
  • Branches, which have a diameter greater than five centimeters, you perform better with pruning shears.
  • Especially in older trees also root parts can penetrate to the surface and damaging paths and other garden areas. In this case, your lopper is used, if it is a heavy, forged copies.
  • Cut the roots at the surface just starting, and then enter some soil on the affected area.

If you cut overhanging branches, you should choose the best time and the right tools for this.

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