cut raspberry bushes - how it works properly

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cut raspberry bushes - how it works properly

Properly cut are raspberry bushes a garden ornament.

  1. The raspberry bushes are usually cut when all raspberries are harvested, so the end of summer. They can even in the fall and into the winter cut into it, but the new shoots grow then not so good, because the individual tendrils have a common root and withdraw the old stems to the new force.
  2. Cut off all the old stems and also the smaller the new tendrils of raspberry bush. Only the strong new shoots let stand. Keep taking firmly the vines - to protect against thorns you possibly can attract gardening gloves - and cut them with secateurs just above the root from.
  3. For long hedges it is advisable to partially proceed. The waste can be disposed of in the organic waste. Composting is not recommended because of the thorns.
  4. After the raspberry bushes mean you should check whether the wood or wire framework is still intact. Now is the best opportunity for repair or complement the design.
  5. Examine the leftover shoots on diseases and remove the diseased vines where appropriate. If some of the stems are too long, you can carefully cut the tips.
  6. Make sure that the vines are spread evenly throughout the skeleton. Pluck and tighten them if necessary a little to right, so that all drives have plenty of room.
  7. Then tie the vines to the raspberry bushes with a cord or plastic yarn again firmly in wooden or wire frame.
  8. Finally, loosen the soil around the roots carefully with a rake and work while organic fertilizers under.
  9. Check the shoots of raspberry bushes again. If they are too long, they may have to be shortened or connected again.
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