cut roses in the fall? - To manage the pruning

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cut roses in the fall?  - To manage the pruning

Prune roses helps flowering. Bagal / Pixelio

Why you should cut in autumn

  • As you can imagine, freeze buds and leaves of rose bushes through the winter. Shortly before the temperatures drop drastically, so you should prune your roses so that they are in full bloom again next spring. Remember nevertheless: In extremely mild winters after low rainfall autumn, the Rose even bloom until New Year's Eve. so do not cut back in the fall when the predictions are low and there seems to be a pleasant winter.
  • Basically, you should know that the back section is intended to prevent diseases such as rot and fungus in the fall. In addition, the autumn cut is to protect and ensure that instincts not freeze the rose in front of dead wood. Unlike the pruning in the spring, the aim is therefore not to encourage the growth of the plant, but to protect the health of the flower through the winter.
  • In the spring you should always carefully clip alone spare the 4 Rose eye from the cut. They form at this time the direction of growth of the plant. Because the pruning in the fall but not at all used to you is here freer hand left and you must not be too precise cut, but can be as much leave as you wish. The important thing is that young shoots, buds, flowers and leaves of the flower are cut off before they are due to weather conditions a breeding ground for diseases.
  • Shorten the Rose shoots out on top at the same height and remove to closely spaced branches and dead wood. After the fall cut your rose should consist only of stable stems not quite a bit higher in the sky stand out as 20 centimeters.

make roses winter ready

  • If the cold winter on the doorstep, so you should protect your rose against the cold and wrap best with pine branches. The point at which you have finished the plant after the autumn section is to cover you with earth so that the cold can not penetrate here.
  • Make sure that the soil that you use is as dry as possible, because you could encourage germs and infections otherwise. In the best case you opt for a Einmulchen the interface, because even if the mulch will cost slightly more than the simple garden soil: For insulation against frost, it ensures the best.

Stick to those instructions and cut the roses in the spring to again separately in order to promote growth, so should your rosebushes soon bloom again so splendidly that they not only are symbol of love, but simply look to fall in love.

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