cut walnut tree right

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cut walnut tree right

Pruning does not affect the crop yield in walnut.

The walnut tree (Latin: Juglans regia) is a slow-growing tree, the newly planted makes a rather delicate impression. But make no mistake: If you set it no limit, it develops a crown diameter of thirty feet and more. They should give a walnut tree therefore a spot in the garden, where it can develop freely.

Tree cut - right time important

This tree gives you tasty walnuts in large numbers. But he also plays a special role in the garden: It is extremely sensitive to the trimming of its branches. The cuts bleed heavily. Therefore nut trees may only be cut when the sap pressure is low. Never in the spring!

Late summer, from mid-August to mid-September, is the right time for the cut of the walnut tree. At this time, the tree slowly prepares for hibernation and growing barely. The cuts do not have enough time to close in late summer before the first frost comes. The cut surfaces of the walnut tree heal very slowly.

Pruning the walnut tree

The pruning is important in young trees, in order to achieve a harmonious shape of the crown. Sometimes additionally formed at a young walnut tree next to the central focusing steeply ascending branches. This competition drives you should quickly cut off at the base, so that the cut remains as small as possible.

Notes on preservation section

If the tree in one location, which allows its free development, you do not cut the walnut tree. Pruning does not affect the crop yield in walnut. In a location of the tree near the house or on the plot, often have no choice but to limit its spreading crown.

In order not to stress the tree beyond measure, cut to the conservation section initially only every other branch of the crown of up to 1.5 meters - the height of a Astgabelung. The remaining branches shorten until the following year. If you cut the walnut tree, keep the shape of the crown in view. The harmonious appearance of your walnut tree should remain intact.

Treatment of lacerations of the tree

  • Keep the cut surfaces as small as possible.
  • Baumwachs for closing the wound you can not use.
  • Due to the strong bleeding of the cut surfaces Baumwachs does not adhere to the substrate.
  • Also, the burning of wounds is not recommended.
  • Is the cambium of the bark damaged by burning, delayed healing.
  • You can not do anything about the bleeding, healing the wounds of a walnut tree takes time.

If possible, you should refrain from cutting the walnut tree. The quantities of juice which loses the tree by cutting, are worrying for many gardeners. With a proper section in late summer, however, there is no risk that your walnut tree bleeds.

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