Cuttlebug - Application Notes

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Cuttlebug - Application Notes

The Cuttlebug embossing and cutting in no time succeed.

Cuttlebug - stamping and punching in a jiffy

The Cuttlebug of KnorrPrandell is a small, compact punching and embossing machine for the home. The Cuttlebug can be different papers and boards up to a kilometer width of 15 cm Edit.

  • Working with the Cuttlebug is safe and easy, so crafting fun for all ages is guaranteed. Children should still use the stamping and punching machine not alone, but only under adult supervision.
  • The design depends on the selected template. A template with flower motif and two cutter bars are included. If you want to punch or shape other motives, this can be bought separately. There the craft supplies already a variety of embossed designs which make great greeting or invitation cards or be generated beautiful scrapbook compositions. Many designs can be found online and commercially available under the name "emboss.templ" or "Embossing".
  • Who wants to buy additional motif stencils, however, should be careful in the selection that they do not exceed the maximum working width of 15 cm. In addition, you also need a suitable silicone or embossing mat and the right punch plate (Cuttlebug Accessories) to work with other motives can.

And so easy works embossing

  1. To take the Cuttlebug safe in operation, you first need a stable, smooth and clean surface, for example, your craft or kitchen table. There are suction cups on the underside of the unit. If the front and rear doors open simultaneously, the machine sucks automatically to the background firmly. This makes the work a firm footing.
  2. Now it goes to the motive and paper selection. Have you decided and the paper or cardboard, if necessary, cut to the right width, you set out to prepare the Embossing and the paper to emboss in Cuttlebug.
  3. Thats is quite easy. It is only necessary that the rolls of the Cuttlebug are fixed, so the distance can not be varied. For this reason, you need for embossing, depending on the paper and stencil selection, the boards A / B (included), which have different strengths, to compensate for the roll spacing. Sounds complicated? No, this is quite simple.
  4. To coin such as a blank greeting card, take the plate A, placing it, a plate B, put on paper and template and cover them with another plate B. Verify that panels and paper are neatly stacked edge to edge, and place the entire stack on the front panel of the device.
  5. Then slide the stack until it stops under the rollers and rotate it with the lateral crank once completely through the machine.
  6. Remove the paper between the plates and the mask and finished the great embossed motif.

Tip: Although the Cuttlebug is factory designed for paper and cardboard, also other materials with this device can dominate. Try it once with wax sheets, felt or metal foil. So can be unexpectedly many other creative craft ideas to implement.

The punching with the Cuttlebug goes so

Punching intuitive like embossing. However, You will need a special punching jig, which is also available as an accessory in the craft supplies available. This template consists of a rubber-coated punching knife. Depending on the thickness of the die use, as in the embossing, the plates A and B (2 x), or only the B boards.

  1. The preparation is carried out analogously for embossing: Select image and paper, paper cut, if necessary, to fit the panels A and B lay edge to edge (alternatively only B) hang, paper and punching jig and cover with plate B.
  2. Then enter the stack in the device and cranks it through. And already is punched out of the paper to the desired shape.

Tip: Despite the rubber coating the punching or cutting templates often leave an imprint on the upper B-plate. It is therefore advisable to use a B-plate specially for punching, as these impressions when the plate is reused for embossing, possibly affecting the subject. However, when cutting such impressions are completely irrelevant and the result of the die is consistently good.

Have fun tinkering with the Cuttlebug!

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