Cypress fertilize - noted

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Cypress fertilize - noted

Composting of cypress is relatively unproblematic.

Care claims by cypress

  • These trees prefer a sunny to partially shaded and especially protected site because cypress are not particularly hardy. Soil should be humus, light and slightly acidic with a pH of 5 to 6
  • When planting, use as plants that are already about 1 m high, since smaller specimens are particularly sensitive to frost. On the day of planting, you should water the root ball well. To protect against waterlogging enter a drainage layer, for example, gravel or potsherds in the planting hole. In fertilizing you should avoid in the first year after planting.
  • Important, however, are regular watering. With continued dryness quickly lose their cypress needles. Such balding you can resolve only by a vigorous pruning. During the winter, you should keep the plant dry.
  • These trees are very cut tolerated. A regular pruning in spring and autumn is particularly necessary at a planting hedges. For pruning you should use a suitable therefor hedge trimmer as possible.
  • In bucket cultured specimens should overwinter cool and bright at temperatures between 2 to 5 degrees. In a rather dark winter you need to ensure good ventilation to avoid infested with gray mold. can be repotted after 1 to 2 years in the spring. The Umtopferde should have a high mineral content.

That you should consider when fertilizing

  • The planting medium should consist of a mixture of garden soil, compost and manure deposited. To meet the nutritional needs justice and fertilize to the cypress optimally, you can attach this substrate abundant horn chips and as a full-time stock manure fertilizer. However, you should, as already mentioned, fertilize the first time only in the second year after planting.
  • Potted plants have an average nutrient requirements. Pour the pot plants weekly with a liquid or solid fertilizer for conifers. The concentration of the fertilizer solution is depending on the pot size and season. To ensure the supply of nutrients from May in September, it is advisable and easiest to care for the plants in May with a slow-release fertilizer. The fertilizer is spread in the right concentration around the plant and easily incorporated into the soil. Depending liter pail content expects to 3 grams of fertilizer. Make sure that the fertilizer does not come directly to the trunk of the cypress.
  • In conifers is often of Epsom salts talk, especially when the needles are brown. The magnesium contained in Epsom salt promotes in conifer green color of the needles. If cypress inside are brown, which is mostly due to lack of light and not to a magnesium deficiency. In case of doubt can be useful a soil analysis.
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