D1 network unavailable - what to do?

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D1 network unavailable - what to do?

To make it work with the D1 network

Why D1 is unavailable

If you have a problem that the D1 network is not available, which can have very different reasons, some of which are easy to fix, but partially itself can no longer be solved.

  • The most frequent cause is also the simplest and is that you simply are in a wireless coverage area in which you have no reception and also can not access the D1 network. This is more common in the countryside, in old buildings with thick walls or in woods.
  • Another reason why your D1 network is not available, is that your cell phone put it simply "crashed" and therefore there is no reception. This often happens by system overloads or system failure and can be compared with the crash of a PC. While all options are displayed, but the device and the D1 network unresponsive.
  • The last and most serious cause is a defect in the antenna and the receiver. Is this defect, the cell phone or smartphone can no longer receive signals and the D1 network is unavailable.

bring the power up and running again

  • To resolve the first problem (dead zone), you simply need to change your location, so that the D1 network is available again. Particularly well this works mostly on higher places, such as a hill. If such a hill not available, you have no other choice than to move away from the dead zone and to search for a place where you will have received and the D1 network is available again.
  • In a crash, the device and the associated loss of the D1 network, it helps most the unit easy to restart or turn off, wait briefly and then on again. Thus the unit of a system failure and the D1 network recovery should then be available as usual again.
  • If a fault of the antenna You can even usually nothing to do about it. The only option is to consult a telecom shop and send the device in for repair lassen.Nach this repair, the D1 network should be available as usual again, which you should make sure that in the repair might face any corresponding cost to you ,
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