DAF Teacher wanted - it to look for in an application

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DAF Teacher wanted - it to look for in an application

GFL teachers are often looking for!

GFL teacher at school and Co

  • For most private language schools German as a foreign language, in short, German is offered. Here opens up for freelance academics an interesting remit.
  • We are looking in particular those German or German studied as a foreign language and whose native language is also German.
  • Many GFL teachers have already collected while studying first teaching experience in tutoring institutions.
  • How well a Dafteacher is paid, depends on exactly where he works. Private language schools pay better than individuals or for example the VHS. However, more flexibility can there be in demand when a DaF teacher must also work in the company and thus at different training locations.

Wanted for individual lessons or group lessons

  • Most GFL teachers wanted each for a time-limited group course or for a certain hour limit for individual lessons. It actually comes before as well as not that GFL teachers are employed, but they always work freelance.
  • If you want to apply as a Foreign Language Teacher, keep in mind before me, that they require a separate tax number and must pay tax on their fees independently later.
  • Assign as GFL teachers that they could gain their first teaching experience in your application by Arbeitszeugnisse already. Few institutions take people with no teaching experience.
  • If you have, however, once successfully applied and were meant to teach as a foreign language teacher, then the follow-up orders arising mostly from yourself unless you have received positive feedback.
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