Daily routine in French - so manages the French way of life

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Daily routine in French - so manages the French way of life

France has an extraordinary culture.

So the daily routine work in the neighboring country

  • Basically, the daily routine decides in French not so much from the one you know from Germany. The school and the work usually start a little later than in Germany. This time is not used for an extensive breakfast. Most French dip only some biscuits in tea, coffee and cocoa, and then leave the house.
  • Since almost all parents are both employed, it is common that the children in the school lunch and only come home at night. Then eat together extensively with the family. The food is celebrated and extended over hours.
  • There are usually pasta or rice first and then a course of meat. For dessert, there are different kinds of cheese, yogurt or fruit. Between courses the French can often take a long time, so it takes all night long.

So life goes in French

  • Not only the daily routine is in French differently. Even otherwise, certain things in the neighboring country differ greatly from the German culture.
  • It is common and not frowned upon to go as a woman immediately after birth again operate fully and to give the children to care for. Kindergartens and schools are becoming full time operated.
  • Unlike in Germany, the worship of the family is left in France and schools and kindergartens are only subject of the Church, if they are private. Therefore, crosses or other religious references are not allowed in normal schools.
  • Wednesday afternoon is free for all students, so that they can pursue religious pastimes there if they want to.
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