Dances - so pull up to match

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Dances - so pull up to match

A chic dress you can wear to dances.

Dress for loose dances

Loose dances there are many. Whether in the disco, the dance evening in the dance school or at a party: you are allowed to fix up nicely, but it should not exaggerate.

  • Pull yourself something pretty to, as you would do it for everyday use.
  • For disco or party, for example, fits a tight jeans with a great section if you spice it with a sparkling top and chic shoes.
  • As a man, you can also wear a well-fitting jeans or chinos and to wear a small shirt casually over trousers.
  • Something elegant it should go in a dance or tea dance.
  • Wear your a woman, for example, a colorful, short summer dress or a linen or silk pants with a blouse.
  • As a man, you can pick up the plain shirt and put a cloth pants with crease.

How to get dressed appropriately at the ball

For dance events such as balls, for example, New Year's Eve, you can get dressed really smart.

  • Wear as a man a suit.
  • Depending on how solemnly the event is, you can wear a bright, casual suit or prefer a dark, very elegant suit.
  • With extravagant ball events you should also have a jacket and a bow tie wearing or even pick up the dress.
  • As a woman you can wear a long evening dress or an evening jumpsuit silk.
  • By pulling on matching elegant shoes. The best effect with Satin related shoes.
  • Is it a ball event, which runs slightly smaller, you can also draw a very chic summer dress or wear an elegant short cocktail dress.
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