dancing to 20s music - so succeeds in Charleston

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dancing to 20s music - so succeeds in Charleston

Music takes you into a golden past. Angela_Parszyk / Pixelio

Move right to 20s rhythms

  • After the end of World War I, people changed. Materialism and individualism are two core concepts of the 20s. The developments in all areas of everyday life were also on the dance floor.
  • Put on fast music from the genres Dixieland, hot jazz or songs of Marlene Dietrich, Fritzi Massary, the Comedian Harmonists or Zarah Leander, to provide the appropriate musical accompaniment.
  • Typical of the dances that time are fast and furious movements, exuberance and self-confidence. The improvisation and experimentation are included. The classic couple of man and woman dissolves, everyone dances alone, larger groups can join together spontaneously.
  • the scandal Dance of the Golden 20s, the Shimmy Ideal for a younger target group is suitable. Here, you shake your whole body, just imagine, you were cold. At the same time bring about the pelvis in a circular motion to vibrate, Jiggle with the buttocks or the breasts or let your arms circling over his head. Even more beautiful it looks when you wear many fringe while dancing.
  • Still a little hotter it comes to the Black Bottom. Main element of this dance is the collision of two Pos. Stretch your hindquarters out and find a counterpart, the best of the opposite sex. Even sexually explicit connotations pelvic movements are typical. Throw your legs in the air, you clap your hands and push the inner sides of your knees together. Try yourself. At various foot movements

dance to music to Charleston

It is best to practice first the elements of dance and then set to a dance together.

  • Imagine normal way, the feet are slightly apart. Now put one foot forward and touch the toe twice on the ground. Put the foot back and tap twice again on the floor. The same repeat with the other leg.
  • Imagine a Penguin: Turn both feet facing outward, so that they form a horizontal line. The arms stretch down, palms facing parallel to the ground. To walk a few steps.
  • Bend your knees so that you are taking a slight squatting position. Rotate your knees outward, your legs must now form an X. Place your hands on the respective opposite knee. Put your hands on the knees and cross them in front of the body and set off again on their knees. Repeat this several times. To match: Go back to the squat, but turn your knees this time inside a so you get bowlegged. Put back the hands on the knees. Switch X- and O-position quickly.
  • Throw your legs in the air and touch your sole hand. Here, you are not restricted. Make kicks forward, backward or sideways. Turn in a circle, let the arms circling over your body and move your pelvis.

With appropriate music you can put together a custom choreography now.

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