Darts - select the weight of so right

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Darts - select the weight of so right

To select the weight of the darts from the right.

Select weighing Steeldarts correctly

  • In the first and most widespread variant of the so-called Darts Steel Darts are used, in which the tip is made of metal and is cast on a disc of sisal.
  • Buyer or in the assembly of such a dart, you must ensure that the requirements for steel darts are not exceeded, because you can play in any official tournament else.
  • The weight limit for such Steeldartpfeil is 50g, which may not be exceeded, but below as much as wanted, since a lighter dart harder to control as a heavyweight.
  • If you are now looking for a dart, you have the option of either a fully finished dart to buy, or the individual parts to buy to then assemble.
  • When mounting of the individual parts that the focus of the dart is not too far forward or too far back is because the trajectory of the dart otherwise does not run optimally.

Select darts and weight correctly at Softdarts

  • If you have decided for another variant of the darts, called Softdart, it also applies here to pay attention to some things the weight to darten successfully.
  • As with Steeldart you must here refer to the requirements of individual organizations, where it has been agreed that the darts should not exceed a weight of 18g.
  • Again, as in the Steeldart that heavier darts are easier to control, and thus lead to higher scores and more successful, which is why it makes sense to completely exploit the maximum weight.
  • Furthermore, the arrows remain better in the dartboard stuck, the higher the weight, which also suggests heavier darts.
  • Of course, you can put together the individual parts of the darts themselves and thus create a personalized Dart, of satisfying your needs in terms of appearance and weight distribution also here.
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