Dead Sea Bath Salt - the application for velvety skin

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Dead Sea Bath Salt - the application for velvety skin

Dead Sea Bath Salts pampers the skin diverse.

Dead Sea Bath Salt - operation and application areas

Bath Salt has many different effects, so in the home spa, as well as in cosmetics, the benefits can be used.

  • The Dead Sea salt is often applied for full baths, so accordingly profoundly the pores and skin overall purifies the brine during bathing. Because of the high concentration of salt swells the cornea and absorb the minerals through the skin, so that they have a positive effect on the skin.
  • Opposite conventional household or table salt has the bath products through a variety of minerals and trace elements, so that especially the composition makes it unique. Magnesium chloride and potassium chloride, sodium and calcium chloride and bromide can strengthen the weakened skin.
  • Thus, the care product is in use for pimples and blemishes, as well as eczema, which can also be alleviated. The natural moisture content of the skin is optimized and inflammatory roles encouraged for healing, because the self-healing powers are conveyed.
  • In addition, kills bacteria and other unwanted colonizers of the skin in the water by the antiseptic action of Dead Sea salt, so that it can settle down.

The use of the bath salt - peeling and baths

Dead Sea bath salts can be combined in different ways, so the operation is optimized.

  • You can give a full tub Add 500 grams and is about 15 minutes to enjoy a full bath, so your skin completely freed from skin cells is clarified. Would you like to improve the care properties, and receive a velvety feeling, you can bath yet Add a capful of olive oil, because this leaves for many hours a pleasant film on the skin, which optimizes water retention capacity, thus forming no dry spots.
  • Additionally, you can also a few drops of virgin lavender or rose oil to add to the bath, because these natural ingredients pamper the skin with their special care properties. In addition, the scented bath salt acts in relaxing for body, mind and soul, so that you feel well in your skin.
  • Dead Sea bath salts can be used as a scrub in the context of facial care. You can do this again mix lavender oil and some Dead Sea salt in a cup and use this to gently and effectively cleansing facial. After washing, you should continue to pamper your skin with pure aloe vera gel, this is after cleaning a sustainable, moisturizing and clarifying alternative that the salt supported mainly with existing skin problems after treatment, the positive and nurturing effects ,

Ask for different amounts, for Dead Sea salt can be bought in drug stores, pharmacies and the Internet to various prizes. Even hair and skin care products are now provided with the benefits of Dead Sea salt, by the active ingredients have been added. Thus you can adjust your skin care applications together to achieve maximum benefit.

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