Decoration for Easter - as crochet flowers for Easter bouquet

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Decoration for Easter - as crochet flowers for Easter bouquet

From wool remnants to beautiful Häkelblüten be produced.

With Häkelblüten you can make a beautiful decoration for Easter. All you need are a crochet needle, differently colored Wollreste and basic knowledge of crocheting. With just a few simple steps can thus be the most beautiful flowers work. You can choose between the simple flowers that are produced in minutes, or the somewhat more complicated, but not difficult method that makes the flowers look so right plastically.

Simple flowers for decoration for Easter

  1. Crochet 5 stitches, and connect the ring with a slip stitch.
  2. Fashion. Now 12 single crochet in this ring, and finish the round with a slip stitch also
  3. half rods 2 rods and 1 half rods are now for the petals in the first slip stitch crochet 1.
  4. Pull through the next single crochet of the round a chain stitch, the first petal is visible.
  5. In the 3rd crochet 1 half rods, 2 sticks, 1 Half sticks to work again in the 4th crochet followed by a chain stitch.
  6. Continue in this manner, have emerged to 6 petals.

The single flower is then ready.

Plastic flowers for the bouquet for Easter

  1. Take the above-described single flower as a starting point. Turn the work order, and Crochet Now from the left. You can continue with the same color, or choose a different well.
  2. Prick with the crochet hook through the solid knitted and crochet in each case by a web again a slip stitch - it creates a ring of 12 mesh.
  3. Now work in the first slip stitch in this order:. 1 half rods, 1 whole stick, 1 double rods, 1 whole chopsticks and chopsticks 1 half
  4. In the 2nd slip stitch followed by a chain stitch.
  5. Continue in this manner until the round is completed. There are now more 6 petals emerged. Chains off the last stitch. Through the rear grooving the first petals have been urged forward - a plastic effect has emerged.
  6. Those who wish can stick a half-pearl centers. This makes the flowers still something noble.
  7. Sew the end, the threads, and tie the individual blossoms on the branches of the Easter ostrich.

The Häkelblüten are not just for decoration at Easter. Color matched to spice up any accessory to such. as bags, scarves and gloves.

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