Decoration for Easter outside the house - Ideas

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Decoration for Easter outside the house - Ideas

Before you decorate the house for Easter, looking up the utensils.

Exterior decoration around the house

  • On the bushes, standing around the house, you can attach colorful Easter eggs. Remember, they continue to push something on the branches, because sometimes it might still be some wind, and you do not yet collect together every day the eggs throughout the garden.
  • At Easter you can outside, next to the front door, make a planted basket. These set out a basket with foil and fill potting it. Now plant a pansy, Perlblumen or primroses. Then take some willow branches, insert around the basket and tie up together. The binding site you can decorate with a bow made of jute.

Easter is the house decorated

  • As Deko you can arrange individual clay figurines as Bunnies, lamb or eggs between individual bushes or shrubs around the house.
  • Individual flower pots you can with colorful connectors that represent flowers, decorate.

decorate the house outside for Easter

  • Outside, you can decorate the entrance with colorful flower pots, are where the same colored primroses planted with toadstools from clay or with colorful ribbons.
  • Even small Easter baskets of moss, in which Easter Bunny or Osterlämmchen "loll" and around which are planted with daffodils small pots, are a great Easter decoration.
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