Defense - Tips for meaningful defense in football

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Defense - Tips for meaningful defense in football

Good defenders cross the runway.

To improve Defense - effective game tips

  • Important for defense in football is to have the players in the eye and to control the dangerous spaces, on an attack of the opposing team would be possible.
  • In order to control the interior spaces and the direct route to goal, you should offer the game opponents, the winger. In Training defender should practice to deliver the inside lane and invading player of the opposing team to the outside.
  • Position yourself not hitting the enemy, but to the side to accommodate the overflow can and to remain flexible, so you can change the direction itself quickly.
  • Good tips to unsettle the opponent, are also feints, and the like. Through feigned attacks can cause the attacking player to unsafe action.
  • Watch as defending your opponent closely and be alert for situations in which it makes a negligence or an error and offers you the chance of winning the ball.
  • One way of defense against an approaching striker also consists of short distance record pace and try best to cross the path to get in possession of the ball.
  • Even defender benefit significantly from good and fast running performance. You must be the often fast strikers grew at least in the short term, ideally. Short sprint intervals with numerous repetitions are among the good tips that can make progress in training.
  • For defenders a good robustness is beneficial, but also the game overview and to quickly step in changing game situations are a quality. In standard situations defenders take responsibility in the attack happening.
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