Dehydrator build yourself - so manages a small "solar dryer" for outdoors

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Dehydrator build yourself - so manages a small "solar dryer" for outdoors

Homemade delicacies in dehydrator Egon_Häbich / Pixelio

A dehydrator can be assembled in various ways and brings great results in the form of delicious fruit Prunes, also called dried fruit. The different sorts of fruit allow to dry in the storage chamber, but are wonderfully suited as a travel snack.

The idea for fruit growers: a dehydrator

  • For Dörren Different fruits such as apples, apricots, plums, pears or berries of various kinds are people. Especially with a large garden and corresponding harvest can do with the dehydrator their income wonderfully preserved.
  • Dried fruit must be processed at a maximum of 35 degrees, a too high temperature ensures that the vitamins may be destroyed.
  • To build a dehydrator you this does not require materials that were not present in a household.
  • One possibility is to build his dehydrator from a simple baking sheet or baking tray, glass and wood.
  • Around the plate, the fruits are parched on the later, a wooden frame is built, which requires about 10 centimeters high. On the side parts should make air holes for sufficient draft and later evaporate the moisture.
  • One side of the box should be open by the hinge in order to pour in fruit can.
  • When cover gets this dehydrator homemade a disc, for example, a picture frame and can now be filled and placed in the sun.

Same build for optimal taste

Dorr boxes or dehydrators are an easy way to dry the fruit only by solar energy. Even meats can here without problems, the humidity from and shall be preserved. In a safe place in the garden or on the balcony of the box is then protected from prying animals.

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