Deka - to withdraw funds

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Deka - to withdraw funds

As you can cash out Deka fund shares

As the paying out can be done in practice

There are three ways how you can arrange for the disbursement of your balance and the sale of fund shares in principle.

  • The first possible way you can get the cash out Deka investment funds, is going to the Sparkasse. Since the financial institutions cooperate with Deka and their fund selling, the sale of the shares and thus the credit of the equivalent of a rule can also be initiated by the office of.
  • If you have online access to your funds Depot, then you can arrange for the disbursement of course on the Internet. You only need to fill out an online form and enter there, for example, what amount of fund shares you want to sell by the fund. The counter value is then usually after 2 - credited to your checking account 3 days.
  • The third way is relatively complicated and includes that you first have them sent the appropriate form from the fund company by post. Then fill out the form and send it back. Also, this way you can proceed to the sale of the shares and thus the payment of the credit.

What you should consider when selling Deka Investment Fund

  • There are few things that you should consider if you want to cash out your Deka investment funds. This includes, for example, that the sale does not necessarily take place on the same day the order is placed so that it can take three to four days sometimes until the credit has been transferred.
  • If you have the Shares not accrued in the course of a special contract, for example in the course of assets effective services, you have to observe any notice period. should be noted however, that the sale at a Riester fund contract is harmful premium before maturity.
  • If you expect a certain minimum balance from the sale, you can also specify the order that the shares are sold to a certain limit. When this limit is not reached, then the payment can be delayed.
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