Delete a Facebook comment - Here's how

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Delete a Facebook comment - Here's how

A comment is removed quickly.

Quick it has happened, as you wrote in a comment on a Facebook status message, the one regrets quickly. Since it may be worth gold, that a comment can be deleted just as quickly as it was written.

To delete a Facebook comment

  1. First, you have to - as usual - sign in to Facebook with your username and password. Nor is there any function that you could delete all your comments in one fell swoop.
  2. Scour now the home of Facebook until you have the annotated Post found. If this is a thread earlier date, it may be that this only find by clicking with your mouse on "Older posts". The corresponding message you see when you scroll on the home page all the way down.

One click and the comment is deleted

  1. Click "Show All Comments" in which this post then. This may be necessary if there were several comments on the relevant post.
  2. Now you have found your comment. In this box you will find the top right, a small cross. When you click with the left mouse button, your message will be deleted.

Comments of other users, you can delete only under one condition. The precondition is that this is a comment, the reference has been made on your status messages. But when it comes to a comment from another user who has nothing to do with your profile, you can at most report abuse on Facebook. This is also done by clicking on the cross in the comment bar.

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