Delete Browsing History in Android

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Delete Browsing History in Android

To delete your browsing history, you must have opened the browser.

Use your Android browser to surf the mobile

The Android operating system is one of the most popular and widely widespread operating systems for smartphones and tablets. The advantage of this operating system, so as with most others is that here an integrated browser have allows you to go mobile to the internet, if you have a corresponding mobile Internet connection.

  1. The browser can be found mostly in the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. You arrive at the main view when you turn on the device or unlock the keypad. Often, the application is provided with a globe icon and the words "Internet". You can find the application in the application menu on your smartphone.
  2. After you open the application, usually the home page is displayed. From here you can then, as in your computer browser visit various sites. To do this, place the cursor in the address bar and enter the name of the site.
  3. As you type the name of the site, the browser automatically makes some suggestions. If you want to respond to one of the suggestions, just click on the selection, which shows you.
  4. As with the browser on the computer, you can also add bookmarks. Just click when you are on that site, simply click on the menu button. This will open a menu screen and you have "Add Bookmark" option on the option to click. You can also view saved bookmarks, by opening this menu, then under the item "Bookmarks".

Delete the appropriate time browsing history

There is to delete the browsing history different reasons for a zuräumen around the store a bit dates or to change the automatic suggestions, because these vary according to your visited web sites. It is important that you can easily clear the history even with the Android browser.

  1. To get access to your browsing history, you need to open the browser. Just click on a double click on the Brower icon.
  2. If you are in the browser, press the Menu key. Then select "History" in the menu that opens. This menu you already know from step 4 from the above part of the manual.
  3. After clicking on the menu item "History", you can see a list of visited websites. The overview is divided into sites that you have visited the day before, in the last seven days or before that. Allows you to delete the browsing history, press again the menu key. It opens the "Delete history" checkbox. Click the option and confirm the deletion.

Now you have your browser history cleared on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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