Delivery - Selection Tips

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Delivery - Selection Tips

A book can send inexpensive. Wilhelmine_Wulff / Pixelio

Choosing the right delivery service for outgoing items

  • Sometimes you have to choose no other choice as the most expensive shipping method, unless you can find a forwarding that a large object - cheaper brings to the receiver, as the well-known delivery services it offers - which is referred to as "bulky goods" in Postzustelljargon.
  • Since today even individuals, many ship thanks to the trading platforms on the Internet such. As eBay, by mail, not just mail order companies need to know about the individual delivery methods, but also for yourself as an individual, if you things because unnecessarily become happy on the to send dispatch to the respective new owners.
  • There are many more delivery options than the known. Packages, parcels and letters may be the most widely used forms of shipment, but there are here still some nuances that can make the shipment for you slightly cheaper.

If the regular shipping costs exceed the value of

  • As a supplier for goods at an online auction, it is very difficult for you to bring goods with a relatively low value but high shipping costs to the man. You should check in this case pages of cheap shipping methods. If the products, for. Example, a book, a value of, for example, one euro has, but you may want to choose a delivery service insured package, probably never would come about a sale. The shipping cost would be 7 times higher than the actual value of goods. Even with the attenuated variant, the package, which is not insured, would still beating here in about 4 times the value impact. Even now expected the sales success can still be long in coming.
  • The shipping methods and maxi letter, would be when it comes to products that do not go beyond the framework laid by the circumference and weight here already much cheaper and could your products already represent salable.
  • The shipping methods books or consignment it is again a price level down, but you may here etc. attach any written messages except invoice documents in order to claim this type of shipment must.
  • All other small parts of little value you can bring to the delivery shipment on the way.
  • Because ultimately decided on the switch based on a template, and the balance, which shipping method for each program is matched, it is recommended only to determine when dispatching the consignment using the figures obtained the shipment.
  • For expensive items, which represent a certain value, you should insured a delivery service do without, just to save money. If the value is even relatively high, you should use here on the delivery insured letter, in this case the actual value of your shipment would insured and you would be fully hedged here in an eventual loss.
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