deposit to ING-DiBa money

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deposit to ING-DiBa money

Direct banks are particularly lucrative in terms account management fees.

deposit money - how it works quickly and easily

Already have an account at ING DiBa opened, but wondering just how you can actually deposit money into your account? There are several ways that you to your destination.

  • First of all it would make sense if you were to use the online banking option when changing to a direct bank. Would you now deposit money into your new account at ING DiBa, so you can do with an online transfer this example. All you need is the account number and the bank code and a TAN list for referrals.
  • Difficult, though it is, if you have cash in hand and want this to your account. But here you come with small detours to the goal.

deposit money at ING DiBa

  • Many other banks offer the service, carry on deposit of direct banks. For most banks, however there is a fee for this operation.
  • Are you, for example, a customer of the bank, so can deposit money at the counter to your new account at ING DiBa. This, however, is not free.
  • Free You can do only at Degussa Bank this far. However, this has unfortunately throughout Germany a relatively thin network. So please check in advance whether a Degussa Bank is in your area or even the place of residence.
  • withdraw money you can by the way also quick and easy. Do you own a Visa card, so you can do this for free at any ATM with the Visa mark in the euro zone.
  • With a Girocard you can have funds to pay up to 200 euros at PENNY, REWE, toom Baumarkt or net for a minimum purchase of 20 euros.

You see, if you follow some little things in terms of the transfer of cash at online banks, so you can save some money by discontinuation end account management fees.

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